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 what we do...  Choosing the right systems to run your business is crucial to success.  How do you decide?  Our proven methodology has helped other customers through the decision making process by evaluating their existing business, needs, costs and delivering a detailed report outlining areas of process improvement from overlapping systems (two or more systems with the same or similar capabilities, for example), antiquated or outdated procedures that could be automated, and comparing existing maintenance fees to potential cost saving scenarios and showing ROI of any new purchase of systems or services.

We are a solution services company, NOT a software vendor. We can provide a non biased recommendation that is CAD agnostic for a major PDM or PLM purchase and help evaluate any additional 3rd party integrations that are available to push the envelope even further.  


Requirements - needs vs wants


Discovery - what do you already have?


Standards and compliance


  • Document Control Standards

  • CM Compliance Auditing

  • Business System Evaluations

    • CRM

    • ERP

    • MRP

    • Multi CAD Environment

  • Standards Compliance

    • ISO​

    • DCMA

    • FDA

    • SOX


  • Security Restrictions

    • ITAR

    • DMZ

    • NIST

  • Budget

  • Short/Long Term Business Goals

Our analysis program takes into consideration any/all of the following:
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