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No matter what system you implement, it is only effective if your team understands how to use it!  How many pieces of software have you installed and then made customizations only to find out that the documentation is for the "Out of the Box" system?  Your PDM or PLM system is no different.  


Documenting the implemented processes can be a daunting and time consuming task.  We offer the following solutions:


Customized Training on YOUR system

  • End User Training - Not one size fits all - our training is role based.  Your environment reflects a mix of users, MCAD users, ECAD Users, Quality, Shop floor, and the list goes on..each one uses the system in a potentially different way and has different operations/tasks available to them.  

  • Administrator Training - Whether your current Administrator needs a refresher or you have a new Employee charged with being an Administrator we can help them gain the knowledge they need to be successful maintaining your system.  Our Administrator training comes in two levels, both teach the basics of administering the configuration functions of PDM or PLM:

    • General Admin - Functional configuration changes, permissions, settings for auto numbering, revisioning, versioning, etc...

    • IT Admin - Details on system configuration as it relates to the infrastructure or environment, licensing, database maintenance tasks, and proper backup methodology.

If we didn't implement your system, we will take the time to reverse engineer the system, create a user training manual and give your users group training either onsite in your facility, or conference style remotely. 


We also offer full service technical support, onsite or remote that goes above and beyond your vendor's normal maintenance contract.  


Emergency disaster recovery services are also available.

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